We are offering multiple courses related to mechanical engineering.GATE for Mechanical Engg Nagpur University Mechanical Subjects.

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We are offering multiple courses related to mechanical engineering.

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Mohod Sir


Gate Syllabus. Transportation University.

Why Mohod Classes

Mohod GATE Classes is a highly renowned visionary GATE Classes in India. Our main aim is to Develop student basic skill. Help students to get sucess in there GATE Exam.


Our students have been successful in various fields. Our Academy has been in the forefront in evaluating various needs of the students and contributing for their success at these highly competitive entrance exams. We have the best conversion ratio in India – 30% of our enrolled students score 90+ percentile in GATE.

Check our result, testimonials, faculty profile, teaching methodology & course highlights. When you are ready to enroll, simply visit our centre & complete the enrolment process.

We strongly recommend you visit our centre at the earliest to check actual classroom faculty feedback, study material, tests & other aspects of your GATE preparation. We provide reading room and library for students.

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